Making Pillowcases

This past summer Robert and I went on a weekend trip to the Lake of the Ozarks with friends for some boating fun. We took our pillows with us. And silly me completely forgot to bring the pillows with us. So the motel got a much needed set of very nice pillows….along with my really nice pillowcases!

So this weekend I finally got around to just making me up a set of new ones. I don’t know about you but nice bed linens are really expensive.  Pretty easy and fast to throw together. Used contrasting fabric that has been sitting on my shelf since last spring. The white cotton muslin I also had on hand.

Do you have some spare fabric laying around that is collecting dust? There are great tutorials out there on making pillowcases. Lazy Girl has written a basic pillowcase tutorial that is very similar to the one I made. Lazy Girl Pillowcase Tutorial

And for the more advanced seamstress, here is a fancy, cuter than ever shabby chic pillowcase: The Lazy Organizer Pillowcase Tutorial. I think these are more for looking pretty than sleeping on :)

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